David Hughes - Session Bassist

You can have David Hughes play for your next recording project! If you are local to Southern California, he will travel to your studio if you prefer. Or just send your tracks over the internet and get several bass tracks in return to choose from.

If you should need any changes, no problem. Whether you need upright or electric bass, David has many instruments and sounds to choose from, all captured with state-of-the art equipment. 24-hour turnaround is usually available.

Just to get started!

Current Instrument Collection

1969 Fender Jazz Bass
1963 Fender Precision Bass
1964 Hofner Beatle Bass
F Bass VF5 five string bass
F Bass BNF5 Fretless Five String Bass
F Bass BN6 Six String Bass
Music Man Stingray Classic Five String Bass
Squier Precision Bass
Epiphone Jack Casady hollowbody bass
Fender Jazz Bass Fretless
Fender Jazz Bass Deluxe
1930 Juzek Acoustic Bass
ca 1860 German Acoustic Bass
Ohana ukulele bass
NS Design Wav Electric Upright Bass